Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Protoss vs Zerg Strategy: 1 Gate Stargate

This protoss vs zerg strategy takes advantage of the fact that zerg does not have anything to attack the air until they have lair tech.  When zerg fails to scout this build, it is completely devastating.  It allows you to pick off queens and kill any early expansion attempts.  It also heavily punishes any zerg players who are massing roaches.  This build order was found on teamliquid's website.  Do not attempt this strategy on maps with large choke points like scrap station.

Taking out these poor overlords

Here is the build order:

  • 9/10 Pylon
  • 10/18 Chrono Boost Nexus after Pylon finishes
  • 12/18 Gateway, send scouting Probe
  • 13/18 Chrono Boost Nexus
  • 14/18 Assimilator #1, on completion move 3 Probes to gas
  • 15/18 Pylon
  • 16/18 Zealot, save Chrono Boost for this Zealot in case you scout a <13 Pool
  • 18/26 Cybernetics Core
  • 19/26 Assimilator #2, on completion move 3 Probes to gas
  • 21/26 Zealot
  • 23/26 Pylon
  • Sentry after Core finishes
  • Forge after Core if you scout Roaches, followed by 1-2 Photon Cannons depending on Roach count
  • Stargate after Overlords are driven out by Sentry; start saving Chrono Boost
  • 31/34 1st Void Ray, Chrono Boost Stargate
  • 34/34 2nd Void Ray, continue Chrono Boosting Stargate
Notes: Another popular variation is to produce 1 void ray and 2 phoenixes.  This variation allows for easier queen kills and overlord scouting.


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