Monday, January 24, 2011

Protoss vs Protoss Strategy: Korean 4 Warpgate

This protoss vs protoss strategy has an extremely high success rate in 1v1 match-ups. This is especially true when your opponent does not know the proper response. Even when they do, it is very difficult to stop.

Here is the build in action:

Here is the build order:

  • Chronoboost your Nexus
  • 10 Pylon (then scout with that probe)
  • 10 Gateway
  • 13 Assimilator
  • 15 Core (when this completes use all remaining chronoboost on warpgate tech)
  • 18 Gateway, Gateway, Gateway
  • 18 Build 3-5 pylons in the enemy base with your scouting probe
Notes- Remove workers from assimilator once 50 gas has been collected


  1. Nice blog, you know alot about Starcraft, followed

  2. 100% of my games I play protoss. Definitely following!